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About us

(Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim) Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullah. RAHA Trading – One Place Many Solution as Exporter-Importer representative on freight forwarding and total logistics solution including custom clearance, door to door support and all kind of payment solutions like USD/RMB/POUND to all over the world is based company which was founded in 2015 according to the laws of Bangladesh but its founder Md. Suruz Raihan as a professional expert for Commercial, Shipping & Logistics on started the journey 2001.

Reputable Importers and Exporters we provide you with two export and import services. In a very short time and at a low cost, we provide you with the necessary equipment, urgent documents, valuable letters, clothes, dry food, medicine, food, gift items, printing items, dinner sets, CD-cassettes, furniture, passports and various types of parcels. Able to send to any country over the world. Whether you want to send different types of parcels for business or for loved ones abroad, we send the above mentioned parcels and cargo related activities to the most competitively competitive market at low cost. A team of young, experienced, dynamic individuals who have not just achieved new height in their respective careers but also knows the kea dynamics, market insights, client management & sourcing knowledge. Business with us to make a sound sleep to oblige you at our best that our professional approach, speedy service, commitment to quality & conditions will relief you to mature your business straightforwardly in sha Allah.


Md. Suruz Raihan